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I am currently offering consultation (group and individual) for therapists interested in either obtaining consultation required to complete basic training or becoming certified in EMDR. My goal is to support therapists interested in becoming certified and share knowledge with each other. I want this to be affordable for people, so I can be a supportive community member, and my rates are very reasonable. 

EMDR Consultation

As a Consultant in training I can provide 15 hours (out of 20 required) of consultation for those interested in becoming certified. This will consist of group & individual consultation. If needed, I will provide a referral for an EMDR Consultant who can provide the final five hours required for certification. 

EMDR Certification Criteria:

1. EMDR International Association Approved EMDR Training

2. License/Certification

3. Notarized Statement of Practice and EMDR Experience

4. 20 Hours of Consultation by an EMDR Consultant in EMDR (I can provide 15)

Be sure to review the Consultation Packet and become familiar with the consultation process. 

5. EMDR Consultant Letter(s) of Recommendation for EMDR Certification

6. Letters of Recommendation Regarding Professional Practice

7. 12 Hours of EMDRIA Credits

Please review detailed criteria at the EMDRIA website


I am offering very reasonable rates as my goal is to give back to the profession & support EMDR certification. Please reach out to discuss rates. 

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